JavaScript programming combined with art and maths

Architecture is the thoughful making of space. (Louis Kahn)

The breakthrough moment for me happened when I realized that software has become an artistic medium, like acrylic paint or a charcoal pencil. Although I've been interested in art since high school, I never felt that I acquired enough expertise with a particular medium to produce interesting pieces. But, after 30+ years of experience crafting and teaching software, I actually feel that I have mastery of software as a tool. Starting a new JavaScript program and looking at a blank computer screen is like picking up a pencil and looking at a blank sheet of paper - anything is possible!

Maths has been a significant part of my education and work. At the age of 10, I immigrated from Viet Nam to America and had to learn English in primary school. My parents and the teachers were extremely supportive during school. Three years after I arrived in America, they encouraged me to write the entrance exam for the Gifted Math Program and I was fortunate to qualify for entry by scoring in the top 60 scores. From there, I studied engineering at Harvard University and then worked in the financial services industry.

Digital art is an exciting opportunity to combine my professional software experience, maths background and personal interest in art. I will be adding my own work here on this website using the p5js JavaScript graphics library. The Processing language website provides an online exhibition of digital art for more inspiration.